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My experiences with TFS: Upgrade from TFS 2010 Beta 1 to TFS 2010 RC

Posted by Manoj Garg on March 11, 2010

Since last few days I have been playing with TFS. So, I expect my next few posts on my experiences with it. Let’s starts with installing TFS 2010.

To get a feel of it, “What this is all about”, we decided to install a trial version of TFS 2010.

MS has release 3 versions of TFS 2010 so far, from Beta1 è Beta 2 è RC. I don’t know why we downloaded Beta1 despite latest being available there. For the first time, it took my good 5-6 hrs to have a running TFS instance. This included installing SQL Server 2008, Team explorer, Power tools 2008 etc etc. There are many posts available over net to guide you through the installation process like this, this, this and this.

While trying to learn it, I came to know that a lot has been changed between Beta 1 and RC, specially the TFS SDK APIs. As my main motive behind learning TFS was to write a 3rd party application which uses APIs exposed by TFS SDK to pull information from TFS instance and use it, I decided to upgrade my TFS instance to RC version.

Before upgrading the installation, I searched over web to see if there are some links available which explain this procedure but couldn’t find anything. All the post, forums were talking about upgrade from Beta 2 to RC. This article from Shai, has explained the upgrade process from Beta 2 to RC quite well. I thought of following the same step for Beta 1 instance.

I started with uninstalling TFS 2010 beta 1 and some other products which were installed along with it like VS 2010 Shell, Power tools 2008, Team Explorer 2010 Beta1. Then I started installer for RC, which showed a list of new programs that it was about to install as shown in figure below.

Once installation of above mentioned component was complete, I started “TFS foundation Server Configuration Manger” from program menu and opted for upgrade of my existing TFS 2010 beta1 instance.


After providing all the details as shown in figure above, installer asked for verifying the configuration setting. After clicking the “Verify” button it gave an error saying that “TFS 2010 beta1 can’t be upgraded to RC”. I was like “What”. Error message is shown in figure below.

Since I had already uninstalled Beta 1 and didn’t have setup for Beta 2. So I had no option other than installing RC from scratch. So started TFS Configuration manger and selected for “Standard Configuration on Single server” option for installation. System presented me with the following welcome screen.

For here on I again provided configuration details for new TFS system as shown in figure below. After verification of all these details, TFS setup was complete.

Once installation of TFS RC was complete, also installed Team Explorer and TFS Power Tools 2010 RC.

This way my TFS setup was complete.


3 Responses to “My experiences with TFS: Upgrade from TFS 2010 Beta 1 to TFS 2010 RC”

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  2. I definitely enjoyed reading this posting.Many thanks.

  3. power tools can really save you from a lot of headache, specially when the job is very hard ~*’

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